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How to Check Chained Redirect/Shortened Links
Last Updated a year ago

In this tutorial we will cover how to check chained redirects.

Step 1: Settings


Enable "Auto add additional redirects to list" and "Check auto added links" in the Settings window. These settings are highlighted in the image above.

Step 2: Add URLs


Add a chained redirect to the list. On the main window click "Add URLs".
We will be using this link:

Step 3: Check Links

Click "Check All" in the main window

Step 4: Results


The program detected that the first link we added was pointing to another redirection link, so the next link was added to the list and checked too. The red arrow on the image above shows how the links how the link is added.

With this we can easily check chained redirect links and see what the final link.

That's it! Now you can check unlimited chained shortened or redirected links at any time.

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